Portable Dental Unit

Portable Dental Unit

  • Dental Delivery Control Units
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    Dental Delivery Control Units

    Dental Delivery Control Units C haracteristic 1. Normal configuration, 4 holders, pump head power 550W 2. Suction system and hand piece can work at the same time 3. Controlled by solenoid valve , the hand piece will not rotate when using like BD-402 and BD-402A 5. The quality is stable, there...Read More
  • Portable Dental Equipment
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    Portable Dental Equipment

    LED Display, Full-electronic Control Model : BD-802 Voltage: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz Power: 550W Air Flow: 130L/min Pressure : 0.8 Mpa N.W: 35 Kgs G.W.: 45 Kgs Noise: 45 dB Dimension: 58x44x77(cm) Standard Equipment: Oiless Air Compressor 1pc 3 Way-Syringe 1pc High Speed Hand piece Pipe 1pc Low...Read More
  • Portable Delivery System
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    Portable Delivery System

    Portable Delivery System BD-406 Portable dental unit Usable domain For the convenience of product advantages and use, and can be equipped with portable chairs, with the implementation of comprehensive treatment of large fixed machine of all functions, and can be widely used in dental hospital,...Read More
  • Mobile Dental Turbine Unit
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    Mobile Dental Turbine Unit

    Mobile Dental Turbine Unit BD-402C portable dental unit is a novel, beautiful, fully functional, well-made rod-type dental equipment. The machine uses all-electronic circuit control, easy to operate; Play the leading role in domestic and foreign counterparts; 130L/MIN flow of the compressor head...Read More
  • Mobile Dental Unit
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    Mobile Dental Unit

    Mobile dental unit The normal configuration, 4 holders, 550w power. is characterized by fewer parts, pipe joints less, less leakage phenomenon. The quality is relatively stable, with wheels and a pull rod, easy to drive, affordable. Attention : 1. Suction system and hand piece can’t use at the...Read More
  • Portable Dental Delivery Unit
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    Portable Dental Delivery Unit

    Portable dental delivery unit
    It is characterized by less fittings, fewer trachea joints and less leakage.
    The quality is relatively stable, small size, easy to carry, affordable.
    Due to small size, light quality, relatively less overseas freight
    Specification: Model:...
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  • Trolley Case Portable Dental Unit
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    Trolley Case Portable Dental Unit

    Trolley case portable dental unit Portable dental unit, portable, easy to carry namely: to meet at home or home oral health care and design and development, has the advantages of small volume, easy to carry, has the advantages of complete function; function and fixed large-scale comprehensive...Read More
  • Full-function Dental Equipment
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    Full-function Dental Equipment

    Full-function dental equipment Model : BD-408 Structure and composition : The product consists of air compressor ,three way syringe, hand piece controls, vacuum suction device, saliva aspirator , water bottles, waste water bottles and foot switch components. S cope of application The product is...Read More
  • Mini Portable Dental Unit
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    Mini Portable Dental Unit

    Mini portable dental unit Model: BD-400 Supply Pressure: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz Power: 410W Speed R.P.M: 1400r/min Air Flow: 60L/min Pressure: 0.6 Mpa Noise : 39 dB(A) N.W: 14 Kgs G.W: 17 Kgs Dimension: 41*37*32 cm Standard Accessories: High speed Hand piece Pipe 1 set Low speed Hand piece Pipe 1...Read More
  • Mini Portable Dental Unit with Straight Handpiece
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    Mini Portable Dental Unit with Straight Handpiece

    Mini portable dental unit with straight hand piece There are 2 power systems, three way syringe, suction and scaler’s power supply from the air motor. The power of the hand piece from the micro motor, the motor speed is 2000 to 45000, already contains a high speed motor function, the general...Read More
  • Table Model Portable Dental Unit
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    Table Model Portable Dental Unit

    Table model portable dental unit The portable dental unit has a plurality of hand-held instruments, a body, a control structure, a gas path and a waterway, and is characterized in that the body is composed of a box body, a box cover, a panel, a movable support and a mandrel structure, The shaped...Read More
  • Backpack Portable Dental Unit
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    Backpack Portable Dental Unit

    Backpack portable dental unit This machine use foreign advanced technology, the knapsack shape design. Weight is only 15 kg, the product has all the features of comprehensive dental treatment machine. More convenient and safe operation, greatly improves the work efficiency of dentists....Read More
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