LED Cold Light Whitening Instrument

LED Cold Light Whitening Instrument
LED cold light whitening instrument LED luminescence whitening instrument is applicable to units and individuals used for whitening teeth in hospital dentistry, dental clinics, beauty salons, and schools. Suitable for treating the following stained teeth: 1. Externally pigmented pigments (smoke...
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LED cold light whitening instrument


LED luminescence whitening instrument is applicable to units and individuals used for whitening teeth in hospital dentistry, dental clinics, beauty salons, and schools.

Suitable for treating the following stained teeth:
1. Externally pigmented pigments (smoke stains, coffee stains, tea stains, etc.)
2. Endogenous pigment teeth, moderate tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis;
3. Hereditary yellow teeth;
4. Most of the unknown causes teeth yellow and black.


Whitening process

 1. Before the operation begins, the dentist first performs an oral examination and communicates with whitening patients. People under the age of 16, pregnant women and severe periodontal patients will not be suitable for such tooth whitening.

2. Compare and record the color of the teeth before whitening.

3. The polishing sand and a small amount of water to adjust the surface of the teeth for a simple treatment. After treatment, allow the patient to rinse the surface of the teeth.

4. Place the mouthpiece in the mouth of the patient to determine that the patient is not uncomfortable.

5. Place the soaked tampon into the inside of the lip, apply lip care oil, and cover the face tissue.

6. Apply the gum protection agent to the gums with a thickness of about 2-4 mm and cover it to the underarm of 0.5 mm. Whitening patients and operators wear goggles and protect their gums with a light curing machine

7.Make hydrogen peroxide and white powder into a paste (Note: Consistency to use the brush to pick up the whitening agent is not dripping, which should not be too thick).

8. Apply the adjusted whitening agent to the surface of 16 or more teeth that have been blown dry, and apply a thickness of about 2-3 mm.

9. Adjust the luminaire lamp head. The lamp head should be perpendicular to the tooth surface at 90 degrees. It is advisable that the locator just touch the cheek. According to the need to choose the right time and mode, accurate
 Prepare for irradiation. (In the course of irradiation, if the patient responds to sensitive or painful teeth, whitening should be stopped.

10. It is recommended to set a course of treatment for 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Press the START button to start the first cycle. After the end, the machine will automatically stop, then use strong suction
 Remove the tooth whitening agent from the tube. If you need to use a dry cotton ball to wipe the remaining whitening agent on the teeth, do not rinse with water at this time.
Note: It should be noted here that the "sucking method" is not flushing with water. Do note that after the final surgery, do not rinse with water. The patient himself
With mouthwash to clean it.
• Repeat steps 7-10 for the 2nd and 3rd courses.
• You can usually see obvious results in 3 courses.
• After the whitening is complete, remove the whitening agent, carefully remove the light-curing resin and tampon, remove the mouthpiece and goggles, and rinse the teeth and teeth with the patient's own mouthwash.
• Make perfect white teeth color comparisons that can be archived.
"Attention: There may be differences in the operation methods of different brands of whitening agents. Please refer to the instructions for the use of whitening agents for the specific operation methods. 》
After treatment note:
• 2 to 3 days after treatment Because the whitening agent will always work, colored beverages or food should be avoided. (such as smoke, black tea, coffee, wine, etc.).
• In the first 24 hours after treatment, cold or hot drinks should be avoided if the teeth are sensitive.
• We recommend 3 courses of treatment to achieve the best. The most perfect effect.
• Even if the patient has a little symptom or a slight reaction due to the drug itself, it can be eliminated by itself within 1-2 days.

Whitening host operating instructions

1: Insert the white plug's power plug into a suitable power outlet and turn on the power switch of the power box. The host's display will light up and show the last time it was turned off.
   The previous parameters.

2: The time displayed by pressing the “Time” button will flash. At this time, you can adjust the time by pressing the up (▲) down (▼) button. Each time you press it will increase or decrease 1 minute.
   The adjustment time is 30 minutes. You can set the whitening time according to your needs. After setting, press the "Time" button to confirm the set time.

3: Press “Power” key, the output power value will flash. At this time, you can set the required value by adjusting the up (▲) down (▼) key. Each press can increase or decrease the value.
   Less 10%, power output range from 40% -100% full power output is optional, according to the need to customize the settings and then press the "Power" button to determine the selected power.

4: Press “A/B group” button, the tube group selection will flash, then you can use the up (▲) down (▼) key to confirm your own output requirements. The output status is 3
   Species: A: output of group A alone, B: output of group B alone; AB: output of both A and B. After selecting the desired output status, press the A/B button again to confirm.

5: Press the "Start / Stop" button, the output tube will light, this time the whitening device will work according to the set requirements, the display will show the remaining time of the work, if
   Whitening meter will automatically shut down when the time has expired; if you want to stop halfway through the whitening process, press the Start/Stop button.
Note: After the white meter stops outputting, the internal cooling fan will delay the operation for 1 minute to protect the safety of the LED tube and the system).

6: The temperature protection device is also provided in the whitening device. When the temperature of the blue LED tube exceeds 60°C, the whitening device will automatically stop working to protect the security of the system.
   Warnings and Precautions:
1. It is strictly forbidden that the blue light output by the whitening meter will be directly shot into people's eyes, otherwise the eyes will be seriously injured. When the whitening device is working, the patient and the doctor must wear protective glasses.
   To prevent blue light damage the eyes.
2, adjust the host position, you need to support the host with one hand, the other hand pole, and then slowly pull the bracket to adjust the host in a proper position to prevent whitening
   At the same time, it also prevents the tripod from moving.
3. The whitening device should be disinfected before treatment.
4, each use is completed, should turn off the power in a timely manner, it is strictly forbidden to have a hard object collision or liquid and the like to contact the whitening device.

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