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  • Oral Physician Is A Good Helper - Dental Burs
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    Oral Physician Is A Good Helper - Dental Burs

    Oral physician is a good helper - dental burs Dental Needle Uses: Dental, ENT, and E-Commerce Divided into two categories according to the speed: high-speed dental bur (more than 100,000 revolutions, dental general in 30-45 million revolutions of the second type of medical equipment), low-speed...Read More
  • Dental Equipment Diamond Burs
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    Dental Equipment Diamond Burs

    Dental equipment diamond burs The bur is divided into a tungsten steel bur and a diamond bur, and the dentist mainly uses a diamond bur. Emery wheel bur heads have small diamond grains attached to the outer periphery of the drill head. These corundum grains have undergone despeckling,...Read More
  • High-speed Diamond Burs
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    High-speed Diamond Burs

    High-speed diamond burs The High speed diamond bur is a consumables appliance for dentists. It is a very thin steel needle. The needle consists of a needle and a needle handle. It can be inserted into a high-speed and low-speed mobile phones to help dentists open their teeth and repair teeth....Read More
  • Medical Sealing Machine
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    Medical Sealing Machine

    Medical sealing machine Product parameters: Voltage: AC220V 50Hz Power: 500W Sealing width: 250mm (MAX) Indentation width: 10mm Body size: 405×355×290mm Weight: 5.5kg product description This type of sealing machine has the advantages of stable performance, beautiful appearance, convenient...Read More
  • Dental Electric Grinder
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    Dental Electric Grinder

    De ntal electric grinder Product description: 1. Speed: 0-35000 rpm 2. Positive/reverse poleless and fixed speed 3. Stable circuit board design 4. After a long period of operation, no noise, no vibration or heat, to ensure smooth operation 5. Ergonomic design is appropriate to reduce work...Read More
  • 35000r/min Mircromotor
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    35000r/min Mircromotor

    35000r/min mircromotor Product features: low noise, high speed, low vibration, high torque, high efficiency, stable performance, easy operation, long service life, in particular, can reduce the error rate in fine grinding and engraving Speed: 0~35000 rpm Power: 65W Maximum torque: 280gf.cm...Read More
  • Dentistry Headlight
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    Dentistry Headlight

    Dentistry Headlight Product Name: H50 Dentistry Headlight Spercifications:Read More
  • Dental Surgical LED Headlight
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    Dental Surgical LED Headlight

    Dental Surgical LED Headlight Model: H80 Brightness: 23,000 lux @ 42cm Color temperature: 5,800k Spot size: 2 - 7.5cm @ 42 cm Operating time: 3 hours with a battery Charging time:3.5 hours light source: 5w LED chip Light weight: 70 gram Battery adapter: 100- 240vAC/50-60Hz,wordwide Mount:...Read More
  • Dental Loupes
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    Dental Loupes

    Dental Loupes Suggestion: We have many types of surgical dental loupes, please choose the loupes (Item no.),magnification,working distance,mount before inquiry so that we know the one you need or you can also let us know your requirement first...Thank you a lot! Examples:Read More
  • Electric Beauty Chair
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    Electric Beauty Chair

    Electric beauty chair The portable chair refers to the same type of domestic products, and the new style of design is adopted in style and structure. The product is light and flexible, can be moved in any direction, the structure is firm and stable, and it is manufactured using high-quality...Read More
  • Portable Turbine Unit
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    Portable Turbine Unit

    Portable Turbine unit This machine needs to be air compressor to use it! After the product is connected to the air compressor and the hand piece , the high-speed hand piece will adjust the air pressure to 0.22-0.25, and the low-speed mobile phone will be adjusted to 0.3-0.32. Advantage : Work,...Read More
  • Plastic Turbine With Bottle
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    Plastic Turbine With Bottle

    Plastic turbine with bottle Features: Beautiful appearance, small size, simple operation, in line with human design! Standard configuration: One host (plastic shell) Three guns One foot control switch 600ML water purification bottle Benchtop dental treatment machine is a product that is...Read More
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