What To Eat Is Good For Your Teeth

1, tea

Fluoride-rich tea in tea leaves and apatite tuberculosis can be together, can have acid resistance and prevent tooth decay results. One of China's oolong tea and green tea is the highest fluorine content.

2, onion

Freshly harvested fresh onions effectively kill many bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans that cause tooth decay and insect teeth in many people.

3, mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms are rich in lentinan, can effectively inhibit the bacteria in the mouth of the manufacture of plaque.

4, mustard

Mustard inside is rich in some effective inhibitory tooth decay streptococcal harmful substances.

5, celery

Belongs to the crude fiber food effectively sweep the food on most of the teeth. If laborious chewing can stimulate the secretion of many saliva, can balance the oral pH value, play a good natural antibacterial effect. In addition to celery, with a knife cut into strips of cucumber and carrots can also play a gingival massage effect.

6, spinach

Spinach, lettuce and other dark green leafy vegetables contain a series of minerals such as magnesium, which helps to form anti-fouling films on tooth surfaces and plays an important role in keeping enamel white.