Smoking Men To Protect The Teeth 4 Trick Must Learn!

Yellow mouth full of men is a long-term smoking description, a yellow tooth not only affects the appearance of smoke caused by smoldering can accelerate the formation of plaque, so care of teeth is very important, smoking men often drink tea or coffee is also easy to make teeth dyeing. Xiaobian today to learn how smoking men love dental care.

1, drink green tea Tannic acid in green tea to prevent bacterial adhesion to the teeth, thus preventing tooth coloring, but also help to prevent bad breath. Polyphenols in green tea prevent sour mouth and tissue bacteria. Green tea can also improve oral fluoride levels, reduce enamel damage.

2, eat dark green vegetables spinach, broccoli and other dark green vegetables contained in the minerals can help form a protective film on the tooth surface, to prevent yellowing of teeth. Also suggest that everyone, but also eat more apples, pears, celery and carrots, etc., through the chewing can promote saliva secretion, reduce oral bacteria, to help whiten the teeth.

3, chewing celery fiber thick like a broom, sweeping away some of the food residue on the teeth, the more the more you chew the more able to stimulate the secretion of saliva, balance the oral pH, to achieve natural antibacterial effect.

4. Learn to use dental floss, brush your teeth in time ingredients containing nicotine, tobacco tar and other substances, can not be dissolved in water, it will accumulate in the teeth, the teeth slowly turn yellow or black. At the same time, smoking smoldering teeth on the teeth can accelerate the formation of plaque to destroy periodontal tissue health. Therefore, smokers usually learn to use dental floss to thoroughly remove the food debris and plaque in the teeth, and rinse immediately after smoking to brush their teeth in time.