Moth Secret, Let You Say Goodbye To Tooth Decay

1, fluoride toothpaste after brushing, containing foam mouthwash two or three minutes, so that the foam flow between the teeth, and then spit it out. At this time fluoride ions dissolved in the foam, easily absorbed by the teeth, especially at the tiny turtle spot. Do not swallow. This method is particularly effective. I rely on this method, past the mouthful of dental plaque, are now gone, but also to consolidate the fragile teeth. Be careful not to use too hot toothpaste, will stimulate the throat.

2, brushing way, for the chewing side with the brush method, back and forth sawing action. For the teeth inside and outside both sides (ie, tongue and buccal surface) with the vertical brush method, brushing teeth, the toothbrush bristles on the gums and teeth first at the junction, and then through the wrist up and down like a comb with a brush, bristles Brush down the gum from the gum along the teeth, repeated in the same place several times; Brush the same way brush from bottom to top brush, so that the teeth can be food debris and plaque clean.

3, every 3 days to use a fluoride mouthwash, mouthwash can penetrate deep into the toothpaste difficult to meet the teeth, remove plaque and plaque. No need to use.

4, postprandial brushing. If you can not do it, gargle with warm water after a meal, you can not just spit it out, but in the mouth force 100, so as to have a role. After eating snacks also gargle.

5, fluoride toothpaste selection of brand-name can, China, Colgate, Crest can be. Texture was frozen like. Note that the amount of fluorine, the national standard states: total fluoride is greater than or equal to 0.04% of the total weight of toothpaste, and less than or equal to 0.15%; soluble fluorine or free fluorine must be greater than or equal to 0.04%. Generally use 0.11% can be, many very serious dental plaque with 0.14% to 0.15%, brush a month, plaque will be significantly disappeared, insisted 3 months, dental plaque can not see. Do not use whitening toothpaste, will make teeth brittle!

6, the use of toothpaste experience: I used to use China, two needles, blacks, Colgate, and now only use Crest. Before the tooth is still a little bit of black moth spots, with Crest, a bit of moth spots are gone. An online article said Crest's Fluoride formula, high fluoride absorption rate. But this is only my personal experience, for your reference.

7, plaque, very small rotten spots, very shallow carious cavities, with fluoride toothpaste can completely get done, do not need to fill!