How To Turn Yellow Teeth How White? Teach You A Small Coup Whitening Teeth

Believe that everyone wants to have a white teeth, but many people in daily life sooner or later, brush your teeth, it is difficult to whiten the teeth! So how yellow teeth whitening? Are there any help?

1, brushing the way must be right!

Many people brush for decades, but her way of brushing is still wrong, I think brushing to horizontal brush In fact, horizontal brush vertical brush is very important, not only to clean the teeth, even the gums, the tongue must be cleaned to it

2, frequently toothbrush toothpaste

Toothpaste It is recommended to change a brand every month, the best choice fluoride toothpaste, toothbrushes have to change once every three months, if the toothbrush bristles valgus, but also timely replacement.

3, peanut powder rubbing teeth

The peanuts ground into powder, stir with water and paste into a paste with a toothbrush wiped on the teeth. Peanuts, rich in vitamins A, B2, D, E, PP and calcium, iron and other trace elements, have a very nourishing effect, known as longevity fruit, is now circulating a lot of whitening recipes. Tooth whitening and solid teeth have a role.

4, orange peel beauty teeth

The tangerine peel dried and then ground into fine powder, brushing the teeth in the morning and evening when the orange peel will be mixed in toothpaste, adhere to the use of teeth will be able to white.

5, brown sugar to tooth cleaning to tartar

Many people not only yellow teeth but also tartar, the amount of brown sugar into the lipstick wrapped in the teeth, until the brown sugar is almost melted toothbrush can be used for two minutes, and then use salt water to clean teeth, persist for a week, you will find calculus A lot less.

6, eat more green apples

The lower sugar content of green apples as a snack after eating, the same can be achieved toothbrushing dentifrice effect. This is because green apples contain rich amounts of cellulose and fruit acids that remove dirt and make teeth white.

7, baking soda tooth

Use an appropriate amount of baking soda dipped in baking soda, according to the normal way of brushing your teeth, every two minutes, 2-3 times a week, can play a whitening effect on the teeth, no side effects on the teeth, but there are mouth ulcers or bleeding gums People do not recommend using it.