Chocolate Can Protect Teeth! The 10 Interesting Knowledge Of Cold, You Know?

Adults can store information about 125 m in his life.

Scallops with dozens of eyes, often appear blue.

Do Fried dough sticks to stick two surfaces in a block, then Fried. This is because a single surface under oil can make the whole surface appearance quickly harden, too late. And two surface areas of overlap is not direct contact with oil, carbon dioxide have been born in internal outward expansion.

Playing mahjong is our tradition, but 50% jewish home with mahjong.

If girl age emerged in the northern and southern dynasties, the provisions of the law, marriage family are not in time to follow in jail, this is the song book Zhou Langchuan, "fifteen women don't marry, family sit."

When you do something wrong, the body will indeed feel heavy. This derived from negative emotion, sad, guilt and disgust to form this kind of feeling.

Due to both sides of the coin is not the same weight, flip a coin is not absolutely fair choice approach.

Chocolate can protect teeth. Milk chocolate is rich in protein, calcium, phosphate and other minerals, these are to protect the enamel of teeth.

On the plane, the person's ability to think will slow down, the reason is that the plane air pressure is low, will has reduced oxygen to the brain and thinking ability is relatively slower at ordinary times.

The world's most expensive metal: californium, $10 million per gram, more than ten thousand times more precious more than 50.