8 Steps For Chosing A Good Dental Chair/dental Unit

Dental chair is an indispensable dental clinic one of the most basic equipment, but also directly related directly to the treatment of equipment, dental chair quality and performance directly affect the outpatient business and professional image, so the choice of dental chair is very important to buy And the key.


1. 【Price】 First of all, depends on how much your expected business volume, if your expected volume of business is very small, the budget is not large, then suggest that you buy air controlled hydraulic dental chair, the price of this dental chair is low, But poor durability. If it is a dental clinic with good business volume, the main consideration is the electric dental chair.


2. 【Model】 Dental chair model selection, depending on the configuration is not suitable for yourself. If you are an oral physician, do not use strong suction, you can save strong suction. In fact, the two phones are a luxury configuration, and you can cut back on demand.


3. 【Appearance】 Look at the appearance of the machine to see if the combination of shell junction with close. Void if large, indicating that the quality is not off. Then, take a look at the metal parts of the finish and processing accuracy, where the metal parts mainly refers to the three-use spray gun and mobile phone sleeve, if they are rough, indicating that the quality is not good. Finally, open the shell to observe the chair's controlled heart: motor or pump.

4. [Health] Tip dental hygiene is very important. Whether or not health corner itself? Some lamp arm rubber boots, used to cover the joints, to maintain the beautiful, these rubber boots from the strict sense, but also health corner, will keep bacteria. Chair surface material requirements can be disinfected with disinfectant (such as alcohol), if not, nor does it meet the health requirements. Strong, weak suction requirements can be equipped with disposable pipette, such as with a straw can be used repeatedly, requiring 135 degrees can withstand high temperature disinfection. Of course, multi-function foot switch, no light is to meet the health needs.


5. 【Aftermarket】 dental chair after-sales service mainly refers to dental chair repair. Many doctors find that some companies seldom offer after-sales service or do not service after selling the product. After the machine goes wrong, it can not be repaired immediately, resulting in a lot of unnecessary losses.


6. [Installation] If the installation, debugging is not in place, there will be problems. Every experienced engineer knows. Therefore, when buying dental chair, be sure to find a strong, but also agents of good products company, asked to provide on-site installation services.


7. [Training] Many failures are due to installation, commissioning is not in place, or caused by improper use of doctors. As a result, dental equipment companies are critical to dentist training. Some engineers do not train doctors and do their job well, and doctors find it is necessary to stop him from asking for training.


8. [Maintenance] Dental chair mobile phone use skills and maintenance, including the chair position control, ordinary troubleshooting, dental chair itself is easy to operate and other operations. Small details that big problem, a good dental chair will provide complete maintenance and troubleshooting methods to provide continuous convenience and protection.

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