What should be attached attention to when you purchase a light curing unit?

What should be attached attention to when you purchase a light curing unit?

According to the different light source, the oral light curing machine can be basically divided into two categories: one is the generation of white light, and the filtered blue light is 400-500 nm blue light, such as: a conventional halogen lamp curing machine and arc curing machine, halogen lamp curing The light source is a halogen bulb; the second type is the light source itself generates blue light; such as: laser curing machine, blue LED curing machine, laser curing light source is a solid or gas laser, LED light curing light source is commonly known as "light emitting diode."

Halogen bulbs have a poor energy conversion from the light curing machine, and most of the energy is converted into heat energy. Thermal radiation from these curing machines can have an adverse effect on the pulp. The light radiation peak of the laser curing machine can be accurately set at 468 nm, which is the most effective wavelength for photoinitiators used in most common resin materials, but this technique is complicated and expensive.

The light source wavelength of the LED light source curing light is concentrated in the vicinity of 465--470 nm. This pure blue light is the sensitive wavelength of the light-cured resin, so it is very suitable for the light source of the light curing machine, because there is no other light-colored light. This occurs, so more than 90% of the energy is converted into pure blue light energy, with little excess heat. This feature is very important for the process of dental light curing, LED is therefore called a cold light source. To avoid the adverse effects of light and heat on gums, when choosing an LED light curing machine, two issues should be noted: LED overheating and light intensity reduction over time, which is actually a problem of LED heat generation, in order to obtain LED The maximum light energy output must increase the driving current of the LED as much as possible, but if the driving current is too large, it will cause serious heat generation of the LED, thereby greatly shortening the service life of the LED and even burning the LED. You can check from two aspects when purchasing. One is to test the change of light intensity with time, let the curing machine work in continuous light mode, the light intensity at the beginning of the test work and the light intensity at 10 seconds work, the less the better, the better, the difference between the two. It is advisable not to exceed 10%; secondly, after working for 10 seconds in the continuous bright light mode, touch the shell near the curing machine LED for a few seconds to avoid feeling hot. Of course, when testing the machine, it should be avoided that the machine should be repeatedly illuminated for a long time to prevent the LED from being overheated and damaged.

Another doctor's attention is that, at present, LED curing machine technology is almost synchronous at home and abroad, of course, one of the main reasons is that its core components, high-light intensity LED, are basically from several large domestic companies, the appearance is not less than Even better than foreign products. At present, China's LED curing machine has been exported to developed countries, the main purchase should be to observe the appearance, test quality and see the trial results. There is the LED curing machine product registration certificate, whether it is to buy imported machines or domestic machines, we must carefully check its relevant documents are complete, true, do not buy incomplete products, such products do not have the full authority of the relevant departments Testing, product reliability is difficult to guarantee.

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