Silent Oiless Compressor in Dental field

Silent Oiless Compressor in Dental field

Oil-free air compressor to provide oil-free, tasteless, hygienic, clean and dry green gas source, is the oral comprehensive treatment Taiwan necessary gas source equipment.

In dental treatment, light curing, glass ions, porcelain and other gas source (air compressor) higher requirements, if the compressed air containing oil molecules, the light of the degree of bonding and solidification will be poor, and ultimately Affect the quality of the treatment effect of the use of glass ions and other dental treatment will happen in the above situation; porcelain teeth in the process, due to the need for a long time continuous compressor gas supply, oil compressors at this time because of its technical limitations , The output gas has oil, and can not continue to operate gas supply (the machine overheating, it will automatically shut down, and after a long period of cooling, to restart); and oil-free compressor is able to maintain long hours without downtime, output Compressed air without any oil, to meet the treatment requirements.

In the process of using the mobile phone, due to the high precision of the mobile phone, the oil molecules in the compressed air generated by the oil compressor have the advantages of large particle size, high viscosity and poor cleanliness, and the miniature bearings and the miniature air motor in the mobile phone are poor, Resulting in cell phone failure, greatly reducing the life of mobile phones; oil molecules in compressed air has a certain corrosive, will make the comprehensive treatment of Taichung, pipelines and airways part of the aging, affecting the entire Taiwan comprehensive treatment units Of the life expectancy; and oil-free compressor does not exist the above shortcomings.

Oil-free compressors than oil compressors, in the use and maintenance, there are many conveniences; oil compressors must be refueled before use, but also according to the level of temperature, often change the oil, if forgotten, then Will lead to bite cylinder leaving the machine scrapped; prolonged use of oil compressors, prone to carbon deposition, causing a variety of different failures; Oil-free compressors in the use, maintenance, etc. Compared to the oil compressor is much easier , Is a basic maintenance-free products.

Oil-free compressor due to its production of compressed air clean and oil-free, so blown into the patient's mouth will not cause harm to the health of patients. On the contrary, there is an oil compressor, which is unfavorable both to the health of the sick, sanitation and environmental protection. No matter from guaranteeing patient's health, improving medical quality and promoting ring, or in many aspects such as dental treatment table, use and maintenance of dental handpiece, equipment's service life, environmental protection and personnel health, oil-free compressor is the first choice of the current medical industry gas source, with the development of dental materials, the gas source will also be more demanding, oil-free compressor is also the trend.

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