Portable Dental unit

Portable Dental Unit

The portable dental treatment table (mobile dental treatment table) is mainly matched with portable dental chairs for dentists to diagnose and treat dental diseases, and is often used for oral treatment or health care when going out or home.

  • Working principle

The portable dental unit includes a built-in oil-free air compressor to provide a stable, clean source of air for dental turbine handpieces. Gas from the gas cylinder through the gas pipe connected to the foot switch, three guns, weak suction generator and water bottle, the foot switch to enter the dental handpiece. Water bottles for the three guns, mobile phones and scaler to provide water. The built-in transformer provides a stable power supply to the built-in scaler and photocuring machine. Scaler foot control switch control scaler normal work.

  • Features

1. small size, light weight

Box with a durable alloy plastic injection molding, small size, light weight, durable.

2. low noise

Built-in silent oil-free air compressor, the output gas is stable and no fluctuations, to minimize noise pollution.

3. mobile, easy to carry

External casters, lever and handle, small size, light weight, easy to carry.

4. long service life

Rational use of built-in silent oil-free air compressor and aluminum gas tank, will make the service life longer

5. simple operation

Portable Dental Unit (Mobile Dental Unit) No need to add any oil to use, easy to maintain and simple, easy to operate, just with net power and pure water, can run normally.

  • Technical Parameters

Product Name: Portable Dental Unit (Mobile Dental Unit)

Voltage / Frequency: 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz

Features: Reliable performance, low maintenance, low vibration, low noise, small size, power consumption, beautiful appearance, easy operation, pressure 0-0.65Mpa automatic adjustment, maintenance-free, easy to move, stable performance, continuous use long life

Application: As a new generation of portable dental treatment units (mobile dental units), it is widely used in the fields of oral health care, health care units, individual dental clinics, field oral treatment and home oral health care

The best Chinese manufacturer of portable dental unit : Guangzhou Best Dent Medical Equipment Co.,Limited.

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