Most people do not know why the teeth turn yellow

Often have such troubles in life, why every day insist on brushing teeth sooner or later, the teeth will turn yellow?

In fact, the color of the tooth we see is not only the color of the tooth surface, but also the color of the dentin that appears through the tooth enamel on the surface of the tooth. In fact, this is partly because of the self-infants, whose teeth are milky white when young and whose teeth turn yellow slowly as they age. However, a greater level of coloring of the teeth causes yellowing due to intrinsic coloring and.

Exogenous coloring:

Exogenous coloring is due to the presence of a variety of bacteria on the surface of the teeth, which secrete a number of viscous substances on the surface of the teeth, tea stains in the daily diet, smoke and some minerals in drinking water and minerals in human saliva adsorption Plaques and calculus form on these stickies, gradually whitening or darkening the teeth.

Endogenous coloring:

Endogenous coloring means that the coloring substance enters the tooth structure and causes tooth discoloration. This discoloration may be due to coloration caused by the penetration of some of the body's degradation products into dentinal tubules (such as bilirubin produced during jaundice, degradation of hemoglobin after pulp necrosis, etc.) after tooth development is complete.