Looked over, teach you how to protect the elderly teeth

Dental pulp and periosteum in the elderly gradually shrinking blood vessels, so that the reduction of dental nutrition, resulting in the elderly, "gingival recession," loose teeth, loss of human aging can be manifested by changes in the teeth. Therefore, we must pay attention to the health of the teeth, often doing knocking teeth and other sports can help strengthen the periodontal fibrous tissue toughness, promote gums and facial blood circulation, so that the pulp and periosteum nutrition is improved, not only strong teeth, can prevent "Dental caries", but also to prevent premature atrophy of the gums and loose teeth shedding. In addition, the regular exercise of teeth can accelerate the blood circulation of cerebrovascular, hardening of the blood vessels have been gradually restored elasticity, adequate oxygen to eliminate "dizziness", but also help prevent stroke.

1, refers to the gingival wash your hands to clean the index finger or wrapped in gauze on the index finger, dipped in saline first rub on the gums, after rubbing the gums, and from the friction 10-15 times.

2, tapping the lips lightly shut the teeth, first knocking the incisors 30 times, then tapping the teeth 30 times. Pay attention to the upper and lower teeth touch each other, forced to moderate, uniform, the number can be gradually increased, generally in the early and before going to bed.

3, licking the molar lips lips micro-closed to tongue in the upper and lower teeth and gums, followed by vertical and horizontal licking 10-15 times.

4, closed Tianmen lips closed, hold your breath. Close the upper and lower teeth tightly. Force a tight loose teeth, clench twice when the force, when the relaxation is also not separate from each other, tightly relaxed repeatedly 30 times.