How to purchase good dental handpiece?

                                     How to purchase good dental handpiece?


First of all, you must carefully examine the following basic principles when you need to purchase dental handpieces:

l Safety performance

l Service life

l Work efficiency

l The cost


First, the safety performance: it is crucial, one is to ensure patient safety, the second is to take care of their own safety staff. Summarized, the following points to note:

(A) affect the performance of cross-infection control of several

1.Dental hanpiece selection and appearance of the coating, whether it can withstand 135 degrees or more high temperature and pressure disinfection. Poor quality of the metal or coating process of hand pieces will be damaged easier after repeated high temperature and pressure disinfection of the surface, it will also affect the feel, not beautiful.

2. head is anti-suction design:

Anti-suction design is actually a precision one-way valve, its function is like the heart or blood vessels within the valve, only to water outflow, but can not be back to suction. This can effectively avoid the cross-infection caused by suction back.

 Even with rigorous sterilization of dental handpieces, there is still a risk of contamination of the dental unit's pipe line! Anti-suction device can effectively prevent such pollution!


3. Whether to accept professional hot cleaning

In developed countries in Europe and the United States, thermal cleaning has long been included in the oral equipment disinfection, cleaning standards. Thermal cleaning to a large extent reduce the chance of direct contact with pollution of dental handpieces, will eventually become mainstream. Therefore, a good handpieces must be able to withstand the hot water washing machine hot and cold water flow.


4.Is there a built-in filter?

Advanced dental handpiece bearings are very sophisticated, so the water quality requirements are higher, will be in the handpieces into the tube design can replace the built-in filter to purify the water.

(B), the key performance of the treatment of security: dental handpiece cooling device.

Each handpiece must have a spray, but it is not necessarily cool if it is in place. If the pulp is damaged due to poor cooling, leading to dental pulp lesions after preparation, it is troublesome. Moreover, this complication occurs, often can not find the reason. Because there is no problem operating ah !! 

Observation of observation:

How many hole spray for the handpiece? Of course, the best four-hole spray, more cooling, even if a hole out of the question, the other holes are also guaranteed cooling effect. However, porous spray handpiece is more expensive than single-hole spray one.


Spray point in the handpiece's head position? Spray arrived at the location of the bur? The direction of the spray is very important, a good handpiece requires a stable and accurate spray, so as to ensure the water mist gathered at the cutting point, to achieve cooling effect.


Second, the service life:

This is a performance that all of us care about. If the handpieces have problems usually, it will affect work efficiency and the work of mood--displeasure !! The following points decide the useful life:

Brand, Origin Place: Brand is very important, origin is also very important. The same brand produced in different places may not be the same thing. We all understand that large manufacturers are building factories around the world, but their core technologies may still be reserved. Therefore, it is best to buy big brands, the original production of mobile phones.

Bearing Materials and Technology: First of all, still look at the brand, ceramic bearings overall better than steel ball bearings, but poor quality ceramic bearings are not as good as brand steel ball bearings.

Handpiece internal pipe material and technology: The average person can not see, if the large quantities, then, allow manufacturers to show the internal structure.


Third, the efficiency: the pursuit of this point, everyone has different preferences, the pursuit of the perfect doctor friends can refer to the main performance impact of work efficiency.

Handpiece power size: The greater the power, the greater the torque, the displacement of the bur is similar, do not explain it.

Handpiece surface coating materials and non-slip design: This sense of patriotism is very important, is comfortable in your hand, only you have to make a choice.

After the handpiece and the pipe connected to the weight of the uniform distribution, the position of gravity balance point: center of gravity partial front, partial rear are not good.

The nose and body angle: the angle of great impact on the operation, especially for patients with posterior teeth area and limited openings, improper angle makes the work difficult, vision is not clear.

The noise: the quieter the better, we all know.


Dental handpiece fiber brightness: close to the best of natural light. 25000LUX


Is it a quick-connect interface: Quick connector has many advantages, however, your point.


Whether the pressure chuck: Thimble chuck is not as easy as pressing, but some brands of chucking force is not enough, this should be careful.

Dental handpiece maintenance materials and methods: This is the most easily overlooked problem. Many people buy a dental handpiece, but do not know how to maintain it so that seriously affecting its performance , unfortunately!


Fourth, the use of cost calculations

Cost control is a very professional thing. Need to do a lot of statistical work. For clinics, calculating the cost of a dental handpiece should not just look at its unit price, but to carefully calculate the number of its use, maintenance costs, to make a comprehensive assessment. It is best to have a more detailed record and analysis to find the most critical factors affecting costs, to be improved, rather than blindly buy cheap products. Cheap products only reduce the purchase cost, but may not be able to effectively reduce the cost of use.

Simplification algorithm is: ABC algorithm

A: dental handpiece price

B: Maintenance costs: Mainly oil for maintenance

C: the number of uses: only about estimated, of course, can record better each time.

Use cost = (A + B) / C

You also need to calculate the manpower cost of a doctor for a heavy workload. If the doctor's time is very valuable, it is also worth considering when you choose a high-end handpiece to save time.


Five, good seller!

Professional and perfect after-sales service must be considered. Not like consumables, used to throw away, where to buy the same. Handpiece related to after-sale maintenance and other issues, to choose a familiar, reputable, strong technical force sellers. Do not care about the price too much, because good after-sales service needs to be paid. Not warranty, is not responsible for after-sales service , that is why the price will be very low, but the sale is not guaranteed, the risk of which need to be considered.