China Valley teeth, the first enterprise trial production of a porcelain teeth just two hours

November 21, located in Ziyang High-tech Zone, the only oral full industrial base in Sichuan Heng and Xin Stomatology Co., Ltd. began trial production, as "China's tooth Valley," the first put into trial production enterprises.

It is understood that Sichuan Heng and Xin Stomatology Co., Ltd. mainly produces porcelain teeth, dental appliances and other over 20 categories of oral products, is expected to have an annual output value of more than 70 million yuan. The company took the lead in the introduction of the whole process of digital denture production line from the mouth in the patient's optical scan to the design and manufacture of finished products, as fast as 2 hours to produce the teeth, while the past, the manual production of porcelain teeth need 4 day.

"Ziyang focused on building the oral industry, opened up the market even across the country and the world." Zhou Shunmin, chairman of the company, said "China Valley teeth" is located in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, close to Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, and located in the mouth All industrial chain base, where enterprises can find the production of raw materials suppliers, but also with the opening of the new airport and other opportunities, so that products quickly sold to the country and the world.

It is understood that "China Valley teeth" has attracted 23 companies settled. It is estimated that by 2020, 100 enterprises will be introduced and the output value will reach 15 billion yuan by 2021. It plans to build "China's tooth valley" into the largest and most influential whole industry chain oral equipment material in three to five years by 2021 Industry Base.