Bad teeth, eat how to eat fragrant

Timely repair of missing teeth is the key

Dr. Schalman, a German doctor of oral medicine and maxillofacial surgery and a leader in foreign difficult-to-cultivate research, pointed out that the loss of teeth not only brings inconvenience to the life of the elderly, but also brings serious harm to the health of the elderly. Teeth mainly chew food, aided pronunciation, maintaining facial appearance and other functions, and these functions need different teeth division and cooperation to complete. Dental loss, the entire oral balance will be disrupted, not treated in time, not only food impaction, dental caries, periodontal disease and other issues one after another, may also cause immune dysfunction, may induce systemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system disease.

In addition, lack of teeth for a long time, the alveolar bone will continue to shrink due to the loss of strong support, not only makes people look older than their peers, but also to the late treatment of missing teeth increased difficulties. Therefore, the lack of teeth should be selected as soon as possible the appropriate way to repair.

Half / full mouth minimally invasive immediately planting

No teeth can be planted without bone graft

Dental implants have become the preferred method of repair of the missing teeth in the elderly. With the development of stomatology, the present dental implants have made great progress in terms of firmness, aesthetics and service life.

Dr. Schalman points out that for the elderly with common "multiple tooth loss", "severe alveolar bone atrophy," "half / full mouth toothless" and so on, can be used "half / full mouth Minimally Invasive Immediate Implantation ". This is a half-mouth or full dental restoration plan, using 4-6 implants, you can restore the entire row of teeth. Due to the reduced number of implants required, no bone graft is needed, the operation is simpler, the time required is shorter, the edentulous implant problem is solved, the cost of dental implants is greatly reduced, and the cost is very suitable for jaw atrophy Dental patients.