Air compressor energy saving eight elements?

1, governance leakage.

It is estimated that a small hole of 1mm2, at a pressure of 7bar, the leakage is about 1.5L / S, check all the transmission network and gas points, especially joints, valves, etc., timely treatment of leaks.

2, pressure drop management.

Set up a pressure gauge through the pipeline section to check the pressure, check each section of your pressure drop in detail, timely inspection and maintenance of the pipe network section in question. General air compressor exports to the gas point, the pressure drop can not exceed 1bar, strict or even not more than 10% or 0.7bar, cold-drying filter section pressure drop 0.2bar. Factory layout ring network as far as possible to balance the various points Gas pressure.

3, adjust the pressure of gas equipment to match.

Assess the pressure needs of gas equipment, to ensure that the production of air compressor to minimize the exhaust pressure. Air compressor exhaust pressure reduced by 1bar, saving about 7 to 10%.

4, adjust the behavior of unreasonable gas.

According to the authoritative data, the air compressor's power utilization rate is only about 10%, about 90% is converted to heat loss, the need to assess the plant with pneumatic equipment, can switch to electric way to solve. At the same time, we should also resolutely put an end to the use of compressed air for routine cleaning.

5, using centralized control mode.

A small number of air compressors can be a variable frequency air compressor pressure regulator, if the larger number can be used to control the concentration of linkage to avoid multiple air compressor parameter settings caused by the stepped exhaust pressure rise.

6, do a good job of equipment maintenance, cleaning.

Increase the air compressor cooling effect, water, air-cooled heat exchangers such as the exchange effect, to maintain the oil.

7, air compressor waste heat recovery.

Recover the heat of the compressor oil system to prepare hot water for other processes or auxiliary living facilities.

8, drying system transformation.

The new type of drying equipment with compressed air waste heat drying of compressed air dehydration, energy-saving rate of more than 80%.