Air compressor common fault (a)

First, because the rotor outlet temperature is too high cause of the malfunction

1) The oil level is too low 2) The cooler is blocked 3) The hot air tank has a hot air return 4) The cooling air volume is insufficient 5) The thermostatic valve is stuck 6) The cooling water is poorly circulated (negative pressure) 7) 8) Disconnect oil valve 9) Return pipe blocked 10) Excessive pressure difference between oil separator 11) After cooler blocked 12) Oil filter blocked 13) Air filter blocked 14) Rotor problems 15) Oil cooling 16) Unloading valve piston damage, stuck 17) Minimum pressure valve stuck 18) hose leaks, plug

Second, the cause of motor overload failure

1) F21 overload relay aging, poor contact, damage 2) Q15 overload relay aging, poor contact, damage 3) F21.Q15 relay normally closed corner is disconnected 4) angle fault (aging arc) 5) computer failure Aging) 6) Solenoid valve damage 7) Inlet valve can not be opened 8) Oil separator blocked 9) After the cooler clogged 10) Minimum pressure valve stuck 11) Motor bearing damage 12) Three-phase voltage is too low or not Balance 13) motor cooling fan is damaged or poor heat dissipation 14) rotor stuck 15) heavy re-transmission car 16) no grease bearings 17) poor insulation to the ground 18) three-phase insulation is too low 19) aging circuit, the terminal Burning

Third, air compressor running oil in general what are the reasons

1) The oil level is too high, the excess oil is injected 2) The oil return pipe is blocked 3) The oil return pipe is not installed properly (the distance from the bottom part of the oil separation) 4) The exhaust pressure is too low when the unit is running 5) Internal partition is damaged 6) The unit has oil spill 7) The oil is not correct, resulting in a lot of foam 8) The oil deterioration or use more than the shelf life 9) External spin-on oil, if the core O-ring is not sealed, will run Oil 10) If the unit has a return check valve, check valve out of control will cause the unit shutdown, the oil back to the oil points, will start running again running oil 11) Oil core damage, rupture

Fourth, screw air compressor compressed air high oil content reasons

1) poor quality of oil separator 2) clogged return pipe or return check valve 3) pressure maintenance valve open pressure is too low 4) the use of pressure is too low 5) the quality of the oil foam

Fifth, why should the regular replacement of lubricating oil

Lubricants use a certain time, due to the following factors will affect the quality of oil, so need to be replaced on a regular basis:

1) Friction surfaces Friction metal scraps 2) Dust and other hard particles entrained in the air 3) Molding sand that is not well-defined on the castings 4) Lack of paint on the machined parts 5) Water is generated during the process to deteriorate the oil 6) The temperature and other effects of lubricating oil in the circulating lubrication gradually reduce the performance of the lubricating oil

The above-mentioned sundries are easy to form abrasive paste analogues in the lubricating oil, which pollute the lubricating oil and accelerate the abrasion of the friction surface of the machine vigorously. Therefore, the lubricating oil of the machine should be replaced with new air if it is deteriorated to the following indexes during use Press oil: If lack of inspection equipment and can not check, every 2000 ~ 3000 hours, for a new oil, and carefully clean the oil supply equipment and the lubrication points.