Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Advantage : 1) Strong magnetic levitation motor, up to 42,000 times per minute; 2] IPX7 waterproof design, underwater can work freely about 1 meter; 3] 2 minutes brushing timer settings, partition 30 seconds short pause reminder, follow the dentist's advice; 4] fast charge, 6-8 hours to complete, life of 22 days; 5] Ultra-quiet design, noise ≤ 55 dB; 6] USB interface charging, compatible with mobile phone charger and Android charging cable, safe and reliable; 7] Pass CE/FCC/RoHS, as well as national standard testing and certification; 8] Low-voltage protection to prevent over-discharge and protect battery safety; 9] Travel lock protection to prevent the travel process from activating the switch; 10) power management, clearly know the toothbrush power;
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Sonic electric toothbrush

The sonic toothbrush means that the vibration frequency of the bristles/brush head is the same as or similar to the sound wave frequency, and therefore it is also called a sound wave vibration toothbrush. It is not literally understood to use "sound waves" to brush teeth, but the rapid movement of the bristles, which is similar to the frequency of acoustic vibrations, has created a superior cleaning effect that is nearly 100 times that of conventional manual toothbrushes.


When using a power toothbrush, the following details should be noted:

1. Do not put the electric toothbrush at high temperature or in a state of exposure for a long time, so as to avoid deformation of the bristles due to high temperature;

2. Thoroughly wash the toothbrush after each use and remove the water as much as possible. Place the toothbrush with the head facing up in a rinsing cup, or place it in a ventilated place to dry it and sterilize it.

3. If conditions permit, 2 or 3 toothbrushes can be purchased at the same time for rotation to extend the drying time of the toothbrush. This is especially important for people with gingivitis and periodontitis. In addition, rotation can also maintain the flexibility of the bristles;

4. Old toothbrushes with bristles that have spread or curled and lose their elasticity must be replaced in time, otherwise they will be detrimental to teeth and gums;

5. The toothbrush should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once a week.

6. Toothbrush can not be used together to prevent mutual infection.

Standard equipment : 

Sonic toothbrush handle x1;
Toothbrush head x2
Charging base x1;
USB charging cable x1;
Specification x1;

Detail photos :

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