Dental X Ray

Dental X Ray

  • X Ray Film Cassette
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    X Ray Film Cassette

    X ray Film cassette Properties: Medical X-ray Equipments & Acc Place of Origin :China Material: lead free x-ray protective material 18 cm x 24 cm 24 cm x 30 cm 30 cm x 40 cm 35 cm x 35 cm 35 cm x 43 cm The medical X-ray protective series products are made of natural rubber and yellow lead...Read More
  • Portable Dental X Ray
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    Portable Dental X Ray

    CS03 Portable Dental X-Ray Features High Frequency power supply, low radiation, handsome appearance Memory function, just once exposure, can memory exposure parameters forever Small size, light weight, portable LCD screen, all function could see clearly Tact switches, smart control, convenience...Read More
  • Digital Sensor For X Ray Machine
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    Digital Sensor For X Ray Machine

    Digital Sensor for X Ray Machine Using Range With supporting the use of Dental X-Ray machine , to update the x-ray machine from traditional film to digital image, and print the image by the printer. Function & charactors 1.Long life Up to 400000 times working life( save the 75% cost than the...Read More
  • Dental Digital X Ray Machine Handheld Portable Imaging Unit
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    Dental Digital X Ray Machine Handheld Portable Imaging Unit

    Best Dent,a dental equipment manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Dental Digital X Ray Machine Handheld Portable Imaging Unit,Mobile Type X ray unit, Mounted type X ray unit...Read More
  • Handheld X-Rays
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    Handheld X-Rays

    HANDHELD DENTAL X-RAY CS-03B Characteristic: Features 1) The device is DC high frequency portable dental x-ray unit, small, light and nearly no radiation. 2)There are manual buttons installed on the surface of shell, operate easily. 3)All of the components are installed in the central PC board,...Read More
  • Mounted Dental X Ray
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    Mounted Dental X Ray

    CS0 2 Mounted Dental X- R ay Characteristic: 1.The microprocessor-controlled timer brings high-tech X-ray imaging at your fingertips. 2.The control panel allows an accurate and exposure time selection while protecting the head during X-ray examinations. 3.Filtted with 70KV 8mA tube with...Read More
  • Mobile Dental X Ray
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    Mobile Dental X Ray

    Mobile Dental X-Ray Features: Characteristic of the movable dental x-ray: 1. Use the international advanced technology, high-efficiency, clear imaging, low leak radial, it is only 1% of national standard 2. Light touched button, controlled with microcomputer, only press one button to select the...Read More
  • Dental X Ray Film Processor
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    Dental X Ray Film Processor

    CS04 Dental X-Ray Film Processor SPECIFICATION: 1. Normal Working Conditions a). Surroundings temperature: 10~30 degree; b). Relative humidity: =70%; c). Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa; d). Voltage of electrical source: 220V±10V; e). Frequency of electrical source: 50Hz±1Hz. 2....Read More
  • Imported Dental Sensor
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    Imported Dental Sensor

    CS06 Imported Dental Sensor Characteristic: 1. Flexible size selection based on diagnostic purpose Size 1.0 2. High quality clear images 3. Ergonomic design: Slim and rounded corner exterior 4. Fast & efficient work-flow 5. High Sensitivity for Supreme Quality, Low Dose Imaging 6. The Sensor...Read More
  • Manual X Ray Developer
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    Manual X Ray Developer

    CS05 Manual X-Ray Developer Specifications 1. Dental Manual X-ray Developing Box 2. Simple developing film in dark box 3. Certificate:CE 4. Operate in the daily light can obtain the best dental image all the same saving darkroom, put it at everywhere. Details: Properties: Medical X-ray...Read More
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