Air Compressor with Silent Metal Cabinet

Air Compressor with Silent Metal Cabinet
A ir compressor with silent met a l cabinet Model: BD-101 S Voltage: 110V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz Power: 3/4HP Airflow: 130 L/min Noise: 42 dB(A)/40” Tank: 30L (the color is optional) Pressure: 8 Bar Dew Piont: -40 ℃ N.W.: 65 Kgs G.W.: 85 Kgs Dimension: 80CMx70CMx87CM *Our Silent Oilless Air Compressor...
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Air compressor with silent metal cabinet

Model: BD-101S

Voltage: 110V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz 

Power: 3/4HP

Airflow: 130 L/min

Noise: 42 dB(A)/40”

Tank: 30L (the color is optional) 

Pressure: 8 Bar

Dew Piont: -40 ℃

N.W.: 65 Kgs

G.W.: 85 Kgs

Dimension: 80CMx70CMx87CM

*Our Silent Oilless Air Compressor use high quality Condor Pressure Switch and Super Excellent Regulator & Air Filter, Automatic Overheat Protector!

Silent oil-free air compressor is commonly used in places such as medical and laboratory air quality is very high, noise requirements are very low. Low noise and oil-free benefits allow people to deeply understand the rapid development of air compressor technology, but for silent oil-free air compressor repair technology is not universal, in order to be as long as possible to extend the life of silent oil-free air compressors, reduce Silent oil-free air compressor repair costs. 

Mute oil-free air compressor repair and maintenance:

1. Drain the sewage from the gas tank in time, it is recommended that a week should be at least once.

2. Silent oil-free air compressor itself does not contain any oily substances, avoid adding any lubricants and oily substances.

3. In strict accordance with the air compressor rated voltage, frequency, rated load work, the effect will be better and more secure.

4. Attention to routine maintenance. Correct use and maintenance, can extend the life of air compressor, to avoid or reduce the occurrence of failures.

5. When not in use, develop a habit of cutting off the power in time. When moving the air compressor or connecting other equipment, the power must be cut off.

6. Be sure to press the factory set pressure range operation (general factory maximum pressure is set to 8 bar, safety relief 8.8 bar), otherwise there will be the danger of gas tank explosion. (Need special pressure, please contact factory custom).

7. Pay attention to the power supply voltage and air compressor nameplate match. When the power supply voltage is higher than the applicable voltage of the air compressor, it may cause personal injury and damage the air compressor. When the power supply voltage is lower than the applicable voltage of the air compressor, it will cause poor starting and even damage the motor.

8. Please regularly check and replace the intake filter, the general operation after 300 hours to do a check, the user depending on the use of the decision to check the frequency. Maintaining filters and cleaning avoids most problems, and dirty filters reduce compressor performance and compressor life.

9. Should be cleaned according to the use of filters, regular inspection of accessories, cables, damaged immediately replaced. Keep the machine clean, dry and free from oil so that it can give full play to its performance. Air compressor when not in use, should let go of the air inside the gas tank, drain the gas tank, stored in a dry environment.

10. The correct use of the environment: air compressor normal use of the environment at 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, shall not be placed in unoccupied places, not wet and dark places, rigorous storage of flammable and explosive liquid gas and dust , More volatile gas work place. Keep the environment clean and avoid unnecessary accidents.

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